How to become a member of the DAV

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To become a member you are best to contact the regional club, the so called section, of your choice directly. You can find a section near you by using our Section Search. The section will then happily give you more information about their membership fees and offers.   Membership fees differ from section to section, depending on their size and offers. For an adult membership costs between 45 and 90 euros per calendar year. There is a discount for couples, as well as for families and young people. It is advisable to join a section near your hometown, in order to be able to make the most of the different offers: courses, events, library, equipment hire etc.   When you have decided which section you would like to join, you can download and fill in the DAV-Membership form (in German), and send it to your desired section.  

Become a member of the DAV - the benefits

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Take part in training courses and learn about all the important aspects of practicing alpine sports. Take advantage of attractive section-led tour programmes under qualified guidance. Get to know touring partners and like-minded people.    

Find your section - and become a member!


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Der Deutsche Alpenverein (DAV) gliedert sich in 355 Sektionen. Ihre Mitgliedschaft beim DAV beginnt mit der Suche nach einer DAV-Sektion. Finden Sie mittels der DAV-Sektionen-Suche eine Sektion Ihrer Wahl.

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